Director`s Message

The Vision of R.B. Knit as a whole is to build a prominent local and global presence for its business. We value our society, customers and employees and understand that innovation and state of art technology is the key to the future. We believe in innovating our business practices and using the latest in technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

We hope to achieve this by building firm relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation with our customers / employees.


The firm R.B. Knit Exports is the successor to Rai Bhadur Knitting Works, established since 1926 is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high class garments.

R.B.Knit is situated in Ludhiana called the Manchester of India. It is one of the largest producers of Men, Women and Kids garments. The production facilities are equipped for producing up to 6000 pieces a day.

R. B. Knit is a leading partner to number of leading International brands. We guarantee our customers satisfaction through commitment to the highest quality of the finished goods and reliable service. We take pride In customers satisfaction.

Our manufacturing facilities are amongst the best as per World standards and these are being constantly upgraded to give the customers latest fashion trends. We are therefore successful in giving European fashion at Indian prices, combining the best from the West with East.

Social Responsibility

RB Knit Exports is holding standard management system certification ISO- 9001 – 2008. We also have unique distinction of having been conferred the status of Star Export House by Govt. of India, ministry of commerce. Our company is also registered with AEPC, CICU, Apex chamber of commerce and FIEO.

We are a socially responsible and a compliant factory verified and approved from time to time. We are also compliant to BSCI and Disha social norms.

Quality Policy

Quality is embedded in everything we do. Its historic roots are deep within our culture and will remain an integral part of our value chain, both today and tomorrow.

R.B. Knit has created its own parameters of operation & success. The work policy thrives on quality & competence. Stringent checks at every stage of production ensures perfect end product. Improving quality has been an ongoing process with us since inception. R. B. Knit’s products are considered flag bearers in quality innovation and style by our major global clients. Satisfaction of our customer is of prime importance by providing quality knitwear at the right time and reasonable price.

We have an independent Quality Assurance Team that ensures quality and system at all manufacturing stages.

Product Mix

R.B. Knit has a worldwide reputation for excellence, built on skills of generations. The hallmark of R. B. Knit is a blend of Innovation, Style and Quality. It has experience in the production of knitwear from different yarns – Cotton, Wool, Manmade fibers and blends.

We are making all types of basic Jacquards, Intarsia, hand knits, crochets, all types of Embroidery and Beadwork.

We also indulge in varied printings, Special washes that include the Garment Dyeing, Acid/ Enzyme/ Stone / Bio washes to keep abreast with fashion trends world over.

Our factories are equipped with full range of machines be it Knitting, Designing, Embroidery, Washing and Dry cleaning. We make various kinds of Knit Structures: Plain jersey, Ribs, Jacquard, Intarsia, Pointels, Cables, Transfer and Fancy Structure.

Our Strength

Our commitment, today and in future is that our customers can depend on R.B.Knit.

The higher management is personally involved in all processes of manufacturing to be sure that the quality meets the customer expectations. Over the years in its history, R.B.Knit has produced top quality product for our customers. We have an edge over our competitors in world`s most quality conscious and price sensitive markets.

In True R. B. Knit culture, improvements, achievements and advances are progressive and responsive to evolving development on all fronts. When we see the changes coming, we move early and fast to adapt to the changing business needs and economic development As a policy we do not use people to build up business, but use business to build up people.


The objective of the company is not merely growth but Quality growth.
A Sustainable Business Model on Strong Fundamentals.