• Towards better business:

    RB Knit Exports has been in existence since 1926, nevertheless the desire to produce quality material is increasing in logarithmic scales to time. With Internet Realisation of the company, we belive, we shall be able to provide our customers with prompt information, detailed clarifications on queries all through personalised contacts. Using Internet as a tool RB Knit aims to facilitate clients and prospective customers regarding the competency of the company. With the design studio in action design development and design communication will achieve real time increasing the efficiency by reducing time delay for the project. RB Knit wishes all its clients and prospective customers increased satisfaction by achieving higher state in professionalism.

  • The site aims at providing exhaustive and sufficient material on designs, trends, customers, company. Feedback forms are available under the indicated category. which can be used to give ur valuable opinions. Information under various heads can be asked from specialized departments. Giving you exactly the precise information, is our aim.

  • Conceptialization and e-Realisation  : 

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